AI at Work

Intelligent Automation for
Business Optimization

Smart Process Automation With Artificial Intelligence

Zietra offers powerful AI-driven solutions to help businesses
cut down on manual and repetitive tasks, automate processes, increase efficiency
and most importantly, save on time, cost and resources.

Driven By Cognitive Technology

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

Optical Character
Recognition (OCR)

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Machine Learning (ML)
& Deep Learning (DL)

Conversational AI
Virtual Assistants / Chatbots

Predictive Analytics
& Business Intelligence

Zietra’s Flagship AI Solutions


Intelligent data extraction
& processing

Automates data extraction from even complex,
unstructured documents using Online OCR (Optical
Character Recognition), Natural Language Processing
(NLP) & Machine Learning (ML) to transform your data
into business intelligence…Read More


Automate & optimize
your hiring cycle

Empowers your HR team by reducing the hiring
cycle by over 40 – 50%, using advanced AI technologies
to help automate application tracking, scheduling
of interviews and conducting bot enabled video
interviews via OptiDox Read More


Smart cartonization to
optimize & streamline packaging

Uses a unique AI-algorithm and Box ID feature to
identify the right packaging, basis product type
and size mapped in 3D, which helps to reduce
wastage & shipping costs and also optimize your
last mile delivery... Read More


AI-powered pricing tool
for price comparison & benchmarking

Improves your pricing strategy with insight into
competitor pricing and market trends; with
system-aided price recommendations & data
analytics to make informed business decisions
and increase your sales & profits... Read More

Know More About Zietra

Zietra, a Vibing World Inc. intelligent automation platform and AI solutions provider, uses cognitive technology to build technologically superior tools including, but not limited to, Robotic Process Automation, Optical Character Recognition, Conversational AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Data Processing & Predictive Analysis.

The first two flagship products OptiDox and OptiHire are first to be launched and there are four more products in the pipeline. The unique selling proposition of the Zietra suite of products is that they can be used as stand-alone services and be custom built for the larger enterprise to augment their existing IT ecosystem.

The Intelligence in AI

The Zietra team comprises subject matter experts in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning, backed by a leadership team with sound technology background, to offer businesses smart process automation solutions that bring together the best of AI, Robotic Process Automation & Cloud Computing.

Product Architect - RPA
RPA Specialist
Leadership Team - Vibing World Inc
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Product Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Co-Founder & Director
Chief Commercial Officer
Compliance Director
Director – Cybersecurity Division

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