Secure remote access is now a necessity!

Secure Remote Access with ARION from MasterSAM

ARION, an enterprise-class solution designed with cyber security in mind, offersreliable network access for the modern and decentralized workforce, byproviding just what is needed. The Arion platform is one of the key enabling technology drivers to implement the work-from-anywhere operational model that has become the new normal worldwide, accelerated by the global pandemic.

"Empowering the modern and agile workforce to ensure business continuity at all times"

The user base for Arion broadly comprises business associates, contractors and employees. While answering questions such as 'Who are you' and 'What you can access', it can constructively strive to manage access, control and audit of access to business applications, platforms, databases and systems.

Work from anywhere, at any time with our easy-to-use interface on a secure infrastructure

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The ARION Platform for Secure Remote Access

This secure and robust work-from-anywhere solution from MasterSAM can fully automate the provisioning and de-provisioning process, giving Arion Administrators full power over the access rights of employees, partners, contractors, vendors and guests. Automated provisioning and de-provisioning speed up the enforcement of span security policies, while helping to eliminate human error.

Arion is a vendor-agnostic platform that can deliver 3rd party services such as Microsoft Office365 including Microsoft Teams and Atlassian Confluence collaboration tools that aggregate different components of collaborative work in a shared workspace where users can chat, have video calls, and share files.

Get secure and seamless remote access to corporate networks and resources

ARION offers a range of functions for out-of-office access, while enforcing stringent policy and control over remoteaccess, as part of the broader cybersecurity management plan.You can explore untapped productivity with powerful all-in-one task tool for your remote workforce.ARION is integrated with three cyber security and monitoringsolutions:

Key Functions

With Arion,security andaccesscontrol are never compromised. It manages and protects enterprisesensitive information and audits every useractivity and event.


Password Management:

Access Control & Workflow:

Single-Sign-On (SSO):

The Process At Arion (To showcase this in a better manner)

  • Connect to office resources
  • Password management
  • Approval workflow
  • Role based access control
  • Authentication & authorization
  • Real-time recording
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Alert based action
  • Review procedure
  • Investigation process

Core Benefits For Your Business

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