Verifying user identity and simplifying

Aurora Unified Identity Security Platform from MasterSAM

Identity is a primary security control point for most enterprises. But being built in silos currently, it lacks unified control and leaves many sensitive assets exposed.

The Aurora Unified Identity Security Platform from MasterSAM consolidates Identity Access Management (IAM) security controls across your IT systems, networks and cloud environments to prevent identity-based attacks. It integrates disparate security tools on one platform, offering operational ease and enabling comprehensive & multi-layered security.

Aurora Unified Identity Security Platform comprises three modules:

With a centralized management system, it can easily manage user access, identity verification and authentication across multiple deployments to prevent external threats or potential data leaks.

The Identity Access Management (IAM) solution offers authentication using passwords, tokens, certificates, multi-factor authorization, single sign-on & more; and provides advanced IAM visibility &security. The Platform stores & verifies user identity and works with Aurora Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate users.

Using agentless and proxy less technology, it can seamlessly integrate with all IAM solutions, unifyingthe risk analysis & security controls, and enabling a holistic &unified identity protection.

This allows your organization to unify security policies, visibility and user experience across all systems and environments.

Key Features

Full End-to-end Unified Identity Security Platform Features:

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