Enabling Cybersecurity Automation With Zietra’s AI Powered Solutions

Why AI / Automation In Cybersecurity?

With digital transformation and digitalization growing rapidly in recent years, especially post the global pandemic that has left businesses with no other alternative; the cybersecurity surface has also enlarged massively. This means that to analyze, monitor and improve an organization's cybersecurity posture to handle this growing cyber landscape, we need to look beyond human resources, in order to ensure failsafe security.

Research suggests that ~90% of the breaches that have happened recently could have been prevented

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable of swiftly analyzing large volumes of data and tracking down cyber threats — from malware to hacking to phishing attacks. With Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL) technologies that can draw on data from the past or present, continually learning and improving, we can identify, preempt, and successfully prevent these cyber threats / attacks before they occur.

AI and machine learning can help to keep abreast with new cyber threats or attacks, automate threat or error detection, and also respond more effectively than conventional manual techniques & dated software systems.

Cybersecurity Automation Powered by Zietra

Zietra has custom designed AI bots that seamlessly integrate with your cybersecurity platform, including advanced User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and network flow insights - to accelerate detection of threats or errors, and drive automation for incident response and remediation.

It provides centralized visibility to detect, inspect and respond to your most critical organization-wide cybersecurity threats, with an unrivaled context and understanding of possible events and threats.

Zietra’s AI / Automation Solutions for MasterSAM:

  1. Auto-Manage MasterSAM Operations

    All privilege access configured via MasterSAM makes it important to have 100% uptime of all MasterSAM components. Also, compliance of all privilege identities is a mandate. Today, the most common challenges faced by organizations are increased human effort, reduced productivity, inaccuracies / errors, higher cost of management, higher downtimeand governance / compliance issues.
    Zietra’s Auto-Manage solution for MasterSAM operations comprises intelligent bots to:
    • Auto resolve any issues on any MasterSAM component based on the error code
    • Auto remediate password management issues to achieve 100% compliance
    • Auto resolve any end user issues to enable them to connect to their devices and applications via MasterSAM
    • Auto update Management with details for issues unresolved seeking human intervention
    • Helps to maximize Uptime of each solution component
  2. User Behaviour Analysis

    Zietra’s User Behavior Analysis (UBA)augments MasterSAM PAM offerings with the following features:
    • Anomaly Detection: Continuous Privilege Access monitoring to identify any anomalies against the base line to raise alerts in case of anomalies, to prevent from Zero-day attacks
    • Anomaly Classification: Classify anomalies on occurrence as innocuous or non-innocuous to make the system more intelligent
    • Predictions: Utilizing generated data to make predictions which enable detection of attacks based on the activity sequence
  3. Auto-Remediate Operational Errors

    Zietra’s intelligent bots have been designed to auto-remediate Master Sam Operational Issues by:
    • Sentiment Analysis: Understanding sentiments from the normal log file to determine the health of the server & remediate in case of bad health
    • Error Codes Analysis: Recognizing patterns from error codes for bots to auto-resolve issues removing the need to engage the helpdesk
    • Auto-Remediation: The bots read log files and implement fixes automatically for known issues; With Machine Learning, these bots can also learn and evolve to handle new problems & issues
  4. Task Automation

    Now you can automate various tasks under the MasterSAM functional processes, using Zietra to create bots compatible with MasterSAM APIs, to:

The security automation instances include:

Key Features & Benefits:

Cybersecurity Automation can be enhanced by our consulting and managed services to help with a comprehensive cybersecurity / threat management program based on your specific needs.

To know more about how Zietra can help with customized & automated cybersecurity solutions for your organization:

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