OptiDoxTM By Zietra - Intelligent Data Extraction Software

Helps to digitize your documents or convert them into smart data, in just a click!

OptiDoxTM is Zietra’s proprietary AI solution for Intelligent Data Extraction & Processing
using advanced AI technologies that include Optical Character Recognition (OCR),
Intelligent Data Processing (IDP), Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
and Machine Learning / Deep Learning (ML / DL).

The Need For Intelligent Data Extraction

85% of the data generated, accessed & managed by organizations today
is unstructured or dark data leading to:

Increased Manual

Higher Cost
of Management

More Time
Spent in Analysis

More Time
Spent in Analysis


Possibility of
Human Errors

How OptiDoxTM Works

With this smart data extraction software and Image-to-text converter,
integrated with machine learning OCR, you can add any documents to convert it into smart, structured, searchable and editable text or data that provides actionable insights for your business.


  • Forms, Invoice, Bills, Receipts, Resumes, Bank Statement, Insurance / Legal Documents, Passport, Driving License, Business Cards, etc
  • Upload file in any format - scanned or unstructured documents, photos, PDF etc - containing typed, handwritten or printed text


  • Using Computer Vision & OCR for text recognition from image to capture data
  • Using Text mining & ML for classification / sorting
  • Using NLP, ML & DL for conversion into machine-encoded text / data


  • Output in the desired format - word, excel, csv, data fields etc
  • Can be edited electronically, searched, stored more compactly & displayed online
  • Generates summary dashboards from extracted data

How Is OptiDoxTM Different?

  • Can unlock data from even the most unstructured, complex
  • You can upload multiple files or select a folder (files of the same format) to convert 100s or 1000s of files at one go
  • The system understands what and where to extract and improves over time using ML
  • Convenient Online OCR for anytime, anywhere access
  • Fully AI-driven to automate the process, offer more accuracy and provide actionable insights & business intelligence
  • Does not use rigid templates; can be customized & scaled up easily to your changing requirements

How You Can Benefit From OptiDoxTM

Can handle multiple
formats / templates
of documents

Improved accuracy
with minimum manual



Higher workforce
productivity and

Reduces the overall
cost of processing
huge volumes of data

compliance and

access and
easy scalability

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