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OptiCash™ By Zietra - AI-Powered Pricing Tool

The Price Comparison & Analytics algorithm used by OptiCash™
helps monitor competitor pricing by comparing your existing product pricing
with that of major retailers or manufacturers, suppliers & vendors within the same category.
It also allows you to source products most competitively priced
based on comparable product attributes; integrate with your POS data;
and also get smart data analytics that allow you to
plan your business pricing strategies and stay ahead of the game.

The Need For OptiCash™

Price is one of the main factors influencing purchase decisions, both from a retailer and consumer perspective. To let numbers speak for itself, >75% of online shoppers actively compare product prices before making a purchase and nearly half of the shoppers purchase discounted products. So if your pricing strategy doesn’t have its ear to the ground, then it can most certainly affect your sales and profit.

In addition, the manual effort required to monitor or track competitor pricing, to benchmark the prices of company owned or distributed products, is humongous. The data is subject to human errors and there is usually a huge time-lag in identifying the correct or the most competitive price at which to sell.

The impact on decision making and overall business projections & revenue is dire, especially in a world where everything is expected to be delivered instantaneously and consumer preferences change almost as the clock ticks!

How Does OptiCash™ Help?

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How It Works

OptiCash™ can be easily integrated in your existing retail or e-commerce software / order-to-cash process / POS system
You can add your products and also that of competitorsto compare prices among similar products, based on custom pricing rules
Competitor prices for similar SKUs can be extracted with intelligent automation with the highest accuracy and compared for better insights into pricing
Competitor Price Monitoring allows you to track competitor price as well as stock information that allows you to plan your inventory
The algorithm combines market data with internal data, pricing parameters, reviews, delivery time, shipment costs etc., to help calculate the optimal selling price or recommend the best buying options to your customer
You can browse by category, brand or product SKU to track pricing and dynamically benchmark your product pricing as required
You can also track price changes in the market and get instant notification
Dashboard includes historical data, market trends & business insights to allow you to make informed pricing decisions
The extended applications of the tool are many, but one that is particularly relevant is that insights from the tool can also be utilized to recommend product bundles for x-sell and upsell

Key Features of OptiCash™

OptiCash™ Benefits For Your Business

Improve your pricing strategy,
with insight into competitor
pricing and market trends

Analyze data using AI to
determine best sellers, similar
products & inventory levels

Delight customers with a choice of
best products made available at
the best prices

Identify products most likely to sell,
using predictive analytics based on
buying patterns

Simplify inventory management by
stocking your inventory based on
customer demand

Easily find similar products from
different vendors and influence buying

Easy to use interface that helps you
to filter your products by vendor,
category & SKU

Can tag your best selling
products & be notified of price
changes by vendors

Save time with the automated
pricing comparison monitor and
pricing and market trends

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