OptiHireTM by Zietra: Our AI Powered Recruitment Software

Built using cognitive technology, OptiHireTM is Zietra’s flagship AI recruitment software which automates and optimizes the hiring cycle. Zyre – the first of its kind AI-driven tech talent hiring platform is powered by OptiHireTM.

The Intelligent Way To Hire

Empower your HR team by cutting down on manual, repetitive tasks and optimizing the hiring cycle by >40 – 50% with OptiHireTM – the powerful AI-based hiring software by Zietra for quick, accurate & unbiased HR recruitment management.

OptiHireTM helps to automate a major part of your hiring & recruitment process with features such as resume parsing, profile matching, automated video BOT interviews, candidate notifications, applicant tracking system (ATS) & more

The Need For OptiHireTM

OptiHireTM has been built to ease the hiring process
by taking care of two of the most manually time consuming and laborious tasks
(1) Shortlisting of resumes (2) First round of interviews

How It Works

Resume Parsing – Process 100s of resumes at one go using OptiDoxTM, our proprietary OCR-IDP tool
Extraction of smart,
sorted and
searchable data
Automated & intuitive matching of profiles with skills, experience etc as per Job Description (JD)
Video BOT interview with in-built AI technologies to interview, monitor & score candidates in an unbiased manner
Candidates ranked on leader-board based on interview scores with option for automated short-listing & candidate notification

What You Get With OptiHireTM

of profiles and
job descriptions

Automated resume
parsing; Multiple
resumes at one go

80 – 90% accuracy
in profile match with
job description

Automated video BOT
interviews - Cognitive
virtual assistance

Automated candidate
notification & interview

Interview recordings
for anytime viewing,
evaluation & analysis

Scoring from highest to
lowest, based on
subject matter relevance

Easy to use UI/UX,
custom built to reflect
your brand

Flexible pricing; Reduced
overall cost of processing
huge volumes of data

Improved accuracy with
minimum manual

Faster turnaround time;
Higher workforce
productivity & efficiency

Secure & Interoperable with multiple hooks & APIs for integration to almost all systems

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