OptiPack™ By Zietra - AI Powered Smart Cartonization

The unique Smart Cartonization Algorithm used by OptiPack™ is driven by cognitive technology that helps in optimizing and streamlining packaging for multiple product SKUs. The distinct Box ID Feature identifies the right packaging basis product type & size.

Having the right packaging reduces wastage & shipping costs, at the same, allows businesses to forecast the right number & size of cartons required for order fulfillment. This streamlines the last mile delivery sufficiently and the least cost-based shipping allows for cost optimization & wider profit margins on each sale.

The Need For OptiPack™

Most of us must have had the experience of opening up a big box only to find the not-so-big product that we ordered; the rest filled with bubble wrap and other padding material.

From a retailer’s perspective, secondary packaging such as film, bubble wrap, tape etc can be both time consuming and an additional cost factor. Also, oversized boxing and overfilling are the biggest point of material waste in the supply chain. For exclusive e-commerce players, removing such packaging and repacking before fulfillment of orders adds up to the cost by about 10%.

And that’s not all… With carriers adding to the shipping charges on the basis of dimensional weight (DIM) - wherein not just product weight but package dimensions (length, width & height) are used to calculate shipping costs, it has been estimated to increase shipping costs by as much as 17%!

How Does OptiPack™ Help?

Using our proprietary smart cartonization algorithm, OptiPack™ helps to map all product SKUs in 3D, to identify the most cost effective packaging on the basis of product dimensions & the required padding. Depending on past sales history, a business can now forecast and stock the required packaging for each SKU in line with demand forecasted for optimized last mile delivery.

How It Works

OptiPack™ Smart Cartonization algorithm integrated in your Warehouse Management System (WMS
Assesses every item from an individual order to define the number & size of carton needed to ship that order
Maps product dimensions in 3D and suggests optimal packaging
Algorithm determines the right packaging / carton ensuring the smallest cube size for each order
With cognitive technologies like Machine Learning & Predictive Analysis,can efficiently forecast packaging material requirement & avoid overstocking
Can also determine the product arrangement within a carton - based on fragility, shape, type, heavy vs. light items etc
Can determine if the order can be shipped together or if it must be split into multiple packages
Reduces shipping costs and wasted material by finding the optimal way to pack every shipment

OptiPack™ Benefits For Your Business

If you run a high-volume e-commerce, omni-channel retail, wholesale, supply chain or shipping & logistics operation, you know that every reduction in cost per order can make a significant impact on profitability. So take control of your packing & shipping process with OptiPack™ Smart Cartonization algorithm that automates and improves manual shipping methods - saving costs and reducing waste.

Here are a few ways how your business can benefit from OptiPack™:

Flexible & agile integration at
any touchpoint of your order
to cash process

Recommends the
most optimal
packaging sizes

Can handle
multiple product categories
and SKUs

Saves cost
on packaging
and shipping

inventory accuracy
and packing time

Increases productivity by
predetermining the size, quantity &
type of packaging to pack an order

Decreases void fill & packing
material wastage-sustainable
& environment-friendly

Streamlines your
shipping and
order fulfillment

Machine Learning & Predictive
Analysis uses data on items, cartons,
dunnage, shipping modes & business
realities to allow you to make
optimized decisions

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